Suet Plug Combo Pack Variety


Suet Plug Combo Pack

2 Peanut Blend Suet Plug 4 Packs

2 Sunflower Blend Suet Plug 4 Packs

Birds Love Digging for Suet Plugs!

Easy-Open Candy Bar Wrapper

Melt-Resistant Formula

12 oz. Suet Plugs

1 Bevel Cut Post-Pine Suet Plug Feeder

Feeds Four Suet Plugs

Easy to Hang with Eye-Hole Hanger


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Each Suet Plug Combo Pack comes with a of 2 flavors of Suet Plugs and a hand crafted pine wood Suet feeder which makes it a great way to get started on feeding your wild birds Suet!  It also makes a great gift set.
Our Suet Plug feeder is made by hand right here in Minnesota out of solid Pine wood.  Birds love this style of feeder because it is similar to landing on a tree.  They can cling to the side of the feeder while enjoying a tasty suet plug treat!  Each feeder has 4 slots to insert the suet plugs into.  Our Suet plugs are specially designed to fit with our Plug feeder for a perfect match!
The Suet Plug combo pack also has two 4-Packs of Sunflower Blend Suet Plugs and two 4-Packs of Peanut Blend Suet Plugs.  It’s a great value!
We carry other flavors that wild birds love as well.  Check out our full line of suet plugs and suet plug feeders here!
Suet Plugs are Great For Attracting Wild Birds

Unique Tube Shaped Suet Blends made with our superior melt resistant formula.

Wooden Feeders With Specially Drilled Holes to fit our plugs perfectly.

Go to the Wildlife Sciences website for more information on Suet Plugs and the brand!

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12.7 × 9 × 3.7 in