Suet Cake Fly-Through Feeder


Suet Cake Fly-Through Feeder

Powder Coated Metal Components 

Built-In Loop Hanger

Mesh Bottom for Drainage

Easy to Clean

Holds 4 Suet Cakes

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Suet Cake Fly-Through Feeder

This durable Suet Cake Feeder holds up to 4 Suet cakes.  Suet cakes are a fun way to feed suet to your backyard birds!  The feeder is made of durable weather resistant powder coated metal components.  It has a decorative antiqued copper roof.  All of our Suet cake Fly-Through Feeders have a large built-in ring hanger.  This allows them to hang on trees, shepherd hooks, or other backyard feeder hangers.  The bottom of the feeder is metal mesh for easy drainage.  Overall, it is long lasting, easy to clean, and simple to use!

We also carry a full line of Suet Cakes in a variety of flavors to fill your amazing new Fly-Through Feeder, check them out!

St. Albans Bay Suet plus uses unique Environmentally Friendly Suet Packages.  These packages are great because they are 100% recyclable and use  80% Less Packaging by weight than your typical suet that comes in a tray.  Because the suet cakes are lighter and take up less space that makes them more efficient to ship which means fewer trucks on the road and ultimately less energy consumption.
There are other Packaging Advantages as well.  Our packaging is easy to tear open, no scissors or knives are needed to get your suet to your wild birds!

You don’t have to touch the suet cake which eliminates greasy handling mess.

Check out St. Albans Bay Suet Plus for more information!

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 6.7 × 13 in