“This is great stuff! The birds absolutely love it and the packaging is great - no hands full of greasy suet to get it in the feeder. The only problem is they eat it so fast.”

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Our Best Sellers!

Sunny Mealworm Small

Sunny Mealworm Seed Cake 12 Pack – 12 Seed Bars 7oz Each

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Peanut 10 Pack Final

Suet Cake Peanut10 Pack – 10 Pack Extra Value!

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Large Seed Cakes

Seed Cake Variety Pack – 4 Seed Bars Variety Pack 1.5-2 lb Each

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Small Seed Bars

Seed Cake Variety Pack – 4 Seed Bars Variety Pack 8oz Each

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Pecan Suet

Suet Cake Pecan 10 Pack – 10 Pack Extra Value!

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10 Berry Cakes

Suet Cake Berry 10 Pack – 10 Pack Extra Value!

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Item #950 FB Peanut 3 Pack

Flutter Butter Peanut Butter Pod 3-Pack

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Flutter Butter Pod Stack Fruity

Flutter Butter Fruity Pod 3-Pack

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Easy-Open Eco-Friendly Packaging!

FINALLY! Smart packaging that keeps my hands from getting greasy! Plus, as an avid recycler and environmentalist, I appreciate any company that minimally packages products! My birds LOVE your suet.” West Bloomfield, MI

All of our Suet Plus products feature easy-open and no-mess packaging. Our packaging is Eco-friendly!

  • 80% Less Packaging by Weight than Suet in a Tray!
  • 100% Recyclable Material to Reduce Environmental Impact!
  • Easy to Tear Open, no Scissors or Knives needed!
  • Eliminates the Greasy Handling Mess!
  • Works with all Suet Cake Feeders

I have just purchased a large supply of your suet blocks. I will never again buy any other brand; the easy-open, no greasy fingers feature is the best. Thanks.” Seattle, WA

The new packaging is terrific, it is so much easier to open and fill. No mess at all and I just walked away from the feeder and the birds were there to try it. I was so impressed with the product, I decided to check out the web site and tell you what a great product you have. Thanks.” Oklee, MN

“My Flickers and wood peckers like this the best of all the ones I've tried.” Lake Arrowhead, CA

We just discovered your suet with its eco friendly packaging, and are immediate converts. Our yard birds love the suet and we love the reduction of plastic waste. I hated those trays. Thanks!” Lawrence, KS