Sunny Mealworm Seed Cake 12 Pack – 12 Seed Bars 7oz Each


12 Sunny Mealworm Seed Cakes

Easy-Open, No-Mess Suet Cake in the Candy Bar Wrapper

Melt-Resistant Formula

100% Recyclable Materials

Quality Ingredients

11 oz. Suet Cake

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Our 7 ounce Sunny Mealworm Seed Cake is made from our Superior vegetable based formula!  They are sure to delight any wild bird
Songbird Treats uses unique Environmentally Friendly Packages.  These packages are great because they are 100% recyclable.
There are other Packaging Advantages as well.  Our packaging is easy to tear open, no scissors or knives are needed to get your seed bars to your wild birds!

You don’t have to touch the cake which eliminates handling a mess.

If you are looking for a great feeder, just combine this Suet pack with our Wildlife Sciences Single Feeder for a great gift set!


Sunny Mealworm

Specially formulated with Sunflower Kernels and Dried Mealworms!

This mix is sure to delight all your wild birds, especially those elusive Bluebirds!

Check out St. Albans Bay Suet Plus for more information!

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 5 × 5 in