Mealworms for wild birds – Dried 21 oz. Bag


Re-Sealable 21 oz. Bag Dried Mealworms 

Attract Insect Eating Birds

Great Source of Protein for Wild Birds

Foraging Treat for Backyard Chickens

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Just add dried mealworms for wild birds and chickens to an existing seed feeder.  If you don’t have one, just purchase one of our great mealworm feeders!  Dried mealworms aren’t just great for Wild birds, they are great for chickens too!  Don’t forget to feed all of your feathered friends.

Dried Mealworms can be fed alone in open tray style feeders or mixed with seed in regular seed feeders.  Birds love mealworms!

Wildlife Sciences bags of dried mealworms for birds are a great way to make the birds in your neighborhood happy!  They are a a great source of protein which keeps birds happy.   You can use them as a tasty treat for wild birds and also as a foraging treat for backyard chickens!  Dried mealworms will also work to attract insect eating birds to feeders.

For more information on birds and birding check out the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, it is a great resource for more information for expert birders and beginners alike!

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